From 1974 Realplast operates in the sector of injection moulding of plastic materials, production of the finished product, moulds for manufacturing.


  • A production plant in Reggio Emilia occupying 2.500 square metres in the industrial area of Mancasale in Via Boccioni, 4/d
  • 16 moulding presses from 60 to 500 tons, some of them robotic. The production department is supported by Nicim software in programming the production.
  • A technical department for moulds manifacturing, maintenance and repairing.
  • We offer to our client a complete customised service: design, co-design, feasibility analysis, metal replacement, plastic-metal co-moulding, CAD/CAM, FEM, Mold Flow, FMEA, realization of moulds, thermoplastic technopolymers moulding, prototyping, assemblies management, additional processings, electrowelding.
  • 20 employers.

A successful business project cannot leave aside skill and professionalism of their women and men, and the quality of their means and ideas. This is the strategy Realplast has always adopted which is deservedly recognized by a considerable increase and by the partnership with the major companies operating in Italy and abroad.

The technical staff has a wide experience, gained in different fields of application (tissue converting, hydraulic, bathroom fittings, refrigeration, high pressure cleaning, hospitals, slaughtering, wine making machines, packaging, lighting, gardening, forestry, electric pumps).

Quality and flexibility are our strenghts toghether with our effort to pursuit of a continous improvement.